One-Stop Intelligent
Logistics Platform

About Us

“Our company’s core mission is to bring together small and medium-sized logistics companies and enhance operational efficiency through the use of artificial intelligence.”

We are a company that leverages artificial intelligence to enhance logistics efficiency. Our system utilizes technologies such as deep learning and computer vision to achieve automatic furniture recognition and intelligent inventory management. We provide comprehensive logistics solutions, including packaging, transportation, and furniture assembly/disassembly services. Our mission is to bring together local small and medium-sized logistics companies, fostering cooperation and avoiding unhealthy competition. Through collaboration, we create business opportunities and development prospects for companies in various industries. Additionally, we capitalize on the advantages of big data to deliver optimal personalized marketing and consumer experiences to our clients.

About Founder

" Logistics Industry needs changes,
and I'm here for that. "

Our CEO, Ronald, hails from a logistics family background. Growing up in the industry, he has always been eager to play a significant role in it. With the insights and innovative knowledge he has acquired, he aspires to transform the entire industry.

Our ESG Commitment

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